Friday, 16 March 2012

Greece offers for spending your holiday

If you wanted to spend your holidays in a beautiful place and thought nothing was better that spending some time in Greece, Andre Tours gives you the chance to fulfill your dream, by reserving you some excellent offers in Greece.

A diversity of places to visit

The beauty of the county and the riches of its landscapes and architecture will certainly transform your holiday into one of the best experiences. There are a lot of things to see and an extraordinary diversity of activities to undergo wherever you plan to travel. If you are already planning what to visit, you should not miss Athens, the capital city of Greece, one of the most famous cities in the world as it encloses some of the most important architectural wonders of ancient Greece. Athens has always been a popular holiday destination, and if you have not visited it yet, we recommend you to see its beauty for yourself. In recent years, the capital has suffered important transformation that will certainly impress those who have been there before. Important improvements have been done to the city, which is a symbol of a culture that has influenced the global culture in the last two millenniums.

If you are thinking of other Greece offers, than perhaps you should take into consideration a vacation spent on the Greek Islands. In summer, these are an important holiday destination for a large number of tourists. It is not hard to see why they exert such strong fascination: the deep and clear blue sea, the beauty of the landscapes and the unique charm of these islands are enough to take your breath away. The islands of Rhodes (also with their important artifacts and culture), Santorini, Mykonos or Corfu and are the most visible attractions, but for those who are more curious and adventurous, the places Greece offers  are far more diverse, for there are smaller, undiscovered islands that can give you the best holiday memories.

For those who would like to add more to the cultural aspect when travelling, there is always the Peloponnese, a part of Greece that has beautiful beaches as well an numerous and interesting archeological relics. Some of these include the Epidaurus and Ancient Olympia, places which combine beauty with the highest values of culture. If in the summer most of these places are crowded with tourists, winter provides an excellent occasion to enjoy the sights and culture in a more peaceful and quiet manner. In this regard, one of the best places to go is the Pelion peninsula, which you fill find in the Thessaly region. This part of Greece, although increasing in popularity, still maintains the simple charm and the traditions of this old civilization and culture.

With an incredible diversity, Greece offers many such places, so the only thing left for you is to choose which of them suits you best. Andre Tours comes with a diversity of offers in Greece, full-service packages that have the benefit of accessibility. The tourism company believes in its responsibility of offering only quality services that are affordable for everyone. The most important ingredient for succes is the investment in the relationship with people, and this is the highest policy of Andre Tourism.

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